Animal Allies Practice Scoring
After filling out this form, you'll get a detailed list of all of your missions and point values!
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We will never send you any spam. We hate spam, too. No human will ever even see this address unless you ask us to look up a report later.
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This is just a number that you make up to keep track of your runs. It must be a number. During a tournament, each match would have an official number.
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For practice runs this isn't crucial but it helps on our end to process data faster if each team uses their own unique number.
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This is optional but may be helpful if you have a scoring question.
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Table Number
At a tournament, the table number could be helpful for the referees. For example, if no team is able to accomplish mission 3 while on table 1 but some teams can on other tables, they may have to investigate table 1. For practice, it is optional.
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